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Meet the Pilots

Picture Name Position Bio
Dan Arsenault Pic Dan Arsenault C-QMDA VAC1045 & Chief ATC Controller I reside in Moncton, NB with my 20 year old son and 15 year old daughter. I have had an interest in aviation since the early years when I discovered the 650 Vanier Air Cadet Squadron in Moncton. I have been lucky enough to fly the jump in most of the commercial flights that I have taken, getting a bird's eye view of landing in Montreal, Quebec City, Moncton, Toronto Island and Los Angeles. I have been involve with flight sim for 10 years and have been involved with PC based ATC for over 17 years off and on. I am presently a student with Vatsim for virtual ATC. For the past 15 years, I have been a avid radio controlled helicopter pilot. My favorite planes on FS2004 are the Cessna Conquest 441
Rick Couch Pic Rick Couch C-QMRC Past Chief Pilot & ATC Controller I am married with one daughter and reside in Moncton. I have lived in a number of maritime cities (some more than once), having moved around often during my 30 year career in the General Insurance Business (underwriting and marketing mostly). My interest in flight simulation began with my first computer in 1986. It was a Commodore 128, and SubLogic's Flight Simulator was one of two programs I bought with the new PC. Since then, I have owned practically every MS Flight Sim and Air Traffic Control program ever written for home simulation.  Although there are gaps over that time, I always came back to flying and controlling. I prefer flying the smaller turboprop aircarft compared to the business jets and heavys. My favourite aircraft is the twin engine turboprop Cessna 441 Conquest II. My favourite ATC simulator... well that's a tie between ATC2 Simulator and London Approach.  Following my interest in air traffic control, I enrolled in the VATSIM Controller training program in 2007, and am now a C1 Center Controller in the Moncton FIR, and have started training in the CZYZ (Toronto) FIR. I have been actively involved in the FSNB Steering Committee over the summer months of 2009, and am looking forward to being part of FSNB's exciting future and sharing of knowledge and telling "stories" with fellow simmers.
Steve Wilcox Pic Steve Wilcox C-QMSW Virtual Pilot No information provided at the moment.
Paul Burley Pic Paul Burley C-QMPB Virtual Pilot No information provided at the moment.
Richard Rowntree Pic Richard Rowntree C-QMRR Virtual Pilot No information provided at the moment.
Gord Coughlan Pic Gord Coughlan C-QMGC Virtual Pilot Gordie was born in Dalhousie N.B. and moved to Halifax in 1965. First worked in sales for Xerox and spent 23 years with the 3M Corp before retiring in 2001. Became a " ham Radio " operator in 1975 . His call is  VE1AOP Gordie and his wife of 42 years spend their winters in Mexico, and the rest of the year in Canada. Interests are travel, tennis, chess, guitar, computers and Flight Sim. In Oct.2009 he rented an airplane in Fredericton and flew with a relative who is a flight instructor.
No Pic Rob Murray C-QMRM Virtual Pilot I am retired and 64 years young. My hobbies includes planes and flight, ham radio and sailing.
No Pic Gus Marche C-QMGM- Virtual Pilot No information provided at the moment.