Having problems with FSX crashing under the Windows 7 OS?

Have you been flying merrily along with FSX and suddenly have FSX suddenly and undeterminably crash? And can't fathom why you are getting these crashes in Windows7. A google search uncovered a post that blamed a .dll file - uiatomationcore.dll - that is supposed to be the culprit. This file is in the Windows\System32 folder and FS reads this file do do some of its "stuff" and apparently, when one messes with (looks at) the FS menus - either at the top of the screen or the one that appears with a mouse click - too many times, this crash takes place and you are offered choices

The solution appears to be to download the version of the .dll file that was suggested, and place it in the root folder of your FSX installation and you should no longer have a reocurrance of the crash.