Our Memorial Page

FSNB members are our greatest asset.

We are a collection of the finest friends and acquaintances that gather for a common purpose.... to exchange words of friendship and camaraderie.

There is nothing we can say that will ease the pain for the families and friends of the ones that have been called away.

So we offer this page as a reminder that we will not forget the friendships we have made.

Photo Name Our Memories and Condolences
John Roherty Pic Captain John Roherty C-SJJR FSNB members are deeply saddened at the loss of one of our founding members. John was an avid supporter of our club and participated in a number of our activities. He will be sorrowly missed and we wish our deepest condolences to his family. To most people the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation the sky is home.
Kal White Pic Captain Kal White C-SJKW FSNB members wish to acknowledge the loss of a dear friend and long time member and convey our condolences to the White family. Kal (Juliet Kilo Whiskey) was an enthusiastic member and had served as our Communication Officer for a number of years. His humour and story telling will be greatly missed. Clears skies and safe Landings, Kal
Leo Wisted Pic Captain Leo Wisted C-SJLW We wish to acknowledge the passing of fellow member and good friend Leo Wisted and convey our condolences to the Wisted family. Leo became a member of FSNB approximately ten years ago and by becoming a member of the Royal Canadian Legion was instrumental in allowing us to hold our meetings at the Rothesay Legion, Marr Road. Leo was a glider pilot and instructor for the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. He was also licenced to VFR fly the L19 Bird Dog which was a tow plane for the gliders. He was also a licenced building engineer and spent several years at NBCC where he was an instructor. May you always have fair weather and blue skies
Albert Morgan Pic Captain Albert Morgan C-SJAM FSNB members wish to acknowledge the loss of one of our most dedicated members.  Albert attended many of our functions and meetings despite having limited mobility.  His wisdom and enthusiasm will be greatly missed by all who knew him.Clear Skies and Safe Landings Albert.
Bob McDermott Pic Captain Bob McDermott C-SJBM FSNB members wish to acknowledge the loss of one of our newest pilots, who passed recently. Bob joined us in 2013 at the age of 76 and was very interested in developing a new hobby in Flight Simulation. He was an avid woodworker and due to his health he was looking for a new hobby. He was a very soft spoken man and showed great interest in learning about this great new adventure in his life. He will be greatly missed.
Peter Arsenault Pic Captain Peter Arsenault C-SJPA FSNB members wish to acknowledge the loss of a dedicated member and convey our condolences to his family. Peter was an avid aviation enthusiast. Although with limited mobility he participated in attending our meetings on-line. He also enjoyed virtual formation flying and flying on the Vatsim network. Having served at one time as a Flying Officer with the RCAF it seems appropriate to quote the old RCAF Motto "through adversity to the stars" Rest in Peace Pete.
Jim Legere Pic Captain Jim Legere C-HZJL FSNB members wish to acknowledge the loss of FSNS Halifax Chief Pilot, Jim Legere, who passed away very suddenly. Jim was an active volunteer in the community, known for his friendly nature, and will be deeply missed by so many people. He did a lot of great work at the Shearwater Aviation Museum and when an interest in supporting a flight simulation club in Halifax presented itself, he took it and ran with it. His smiling face and cheerful outlook will be greatly missed.