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Welcome To FSNB Flight Training

The Flight School was created in October of 2013.

It is sub- divided into two schools – Ground School and Flight School.

The aircraft of choice is the default Cessna 172 Skyhawk. The flight school is available for our more seasoned members and our new pilots and is free of charge.

Ground School 4 hours (Estimated)

Ground school Communications via TeamSpeak3 on the Sim-Outhouse Server (Thanks to S-O for server space for our training channels.

  1. Flight
    1. How airplanes fly
    2. Aircraft parts
    3. Aircraft Controls
  2. Trim
    1. Importance of proper trim
    2. How proper trim is acheived
  3. Cockpit Familiarization
    1. Flight Instruments - introduction
    2. Navigation Instruments - introduction
    3. Avionics - introduction
    4. Engine instruments - introduction
  4. Weather
    1. METAR
    2. TAFS
  5. Introduction to VATSIM flying
    1. What is VATSIM
    2. Flight Plan - Basics

Flight School 6 hours (Estimated)

Flight school introduces the student pilot to instrument flight procedures by beginning instruction seated in the right-hand seat of the instructors aircraft. The student progresses to solo flight and then begins ATC training to prepare for flights on the VATSIM network.

Once the Student begins Flight School, instruction is accomplished by means of Multiplayer Direct Connection via IP Address to the Instructor's PC. Here the student can join the Instructional aircraft (C172 Skyhawk) where controls can be switched between the Student and Instructor. Because the school has only one Flight Instructor, this method of instruction must be shared by all students on a one-at-a-time basis.

Contacts: Chief Instructor -Harold Crowell

Instructor -

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